John,  it’s becoming harder and harder to visualize you just away for the weekend on a “road trip”.  Darn but we loved those roadtrips.

I’ve run out of shortbread cookies…  Vincent is missing his stropping post.  The litterbox has never been so clean.    All is forgiven, come home now!

The stereo is never played too loud, guitars are getting out of tune and we miss you more each day.

Hey, John I just found a picture of the back of your head  — you always thought it was one of your best features — we disagreed!

Now that was a man

john-caspell(Richard) John Caspell, aka Dr. Filk, was Brooke Lunderville’s musical other half, my brother-in-common-law, my housemate for 10 years, my musical collaborator for many raucous and joyous evenings, a wonderful uncle to my kids and his other nieces and nephews, a filker, a motorcyclist, and … in short … a man of parts.

This site exists for his friends, family and admirers to share pictures, music, stories and condolences.