Damn, I’m going to miss him – Wayne Borean

John was a nice guy. A really nice guy. I know the difference, having been one of the bad boys in the past.

I really loved listening to John play and sing. He had this focus that came over him when he had a guitar in his hand, you could tell that for a moment the rest of the world had gone away, and all that mattered was the song. Then he’d look up and smile at you, with his fingers going a mile a minute, and you’d smile back.

On the Sunday after John’s death, I drove to the cemetary where Lloyd Landa is buried. Lloyd and John used to talk at filks, so I decided I should tell Lloyd. I tool along my guitar, had a chat with Lloyd, and then played for a bit by his grave.

My guess is that Lloyd and John are organising a filk right now, and waiting for the rest of us to arrive.

Wayne aka The Mad Hatter