Now that was a man

john-caspell(Richard) John Caspell, aka Dr. Filk, was Brooke Lunderville’s musical other half, my brother-in-common-law, my housemate for 10 years, my musical collaborator for many raucous and joyous evenings, a wonderful uncle to my kids and his other nieces and nephews, a filker, a motorcyclist, and … in short … a man of parts.

This site exists for his friends, family and admirers to share pictures, music, stories and condolences.

One thought on “Now that was a man”

  1. Been a long time. I last saw John at the hospital the day before he died, grumpy and impatient to be out of there. Over all the years I still miss his humour and intelligent conversation.

    A good man gone too soon, and often missed.

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