Early memories

I first met John in London, Ontario, shortly after my sister started dating John’s brother Paul.  He seemed kind of scary, but once he started talking and our shared interest in science fiction became apparent I warmed to him.  I remember being amazed at how John’s stammer would completely disappear when he sang.  In those days he always had an enormous appetite as well; I remember that when he was visiting at my parents’ place I always made sure to load up my plate, because with John around, there would be no second helpings.  I’ve since learned that he was working in a lumberyard at the time.  Once when I lived in Toronto I had to move my stuff a few houses down the block; with almost no notice, John happily (and effortlessly) helped me schlep it all.  I will always remember John as bright, cheerful, confident, intellectually stimulating, challenging and larger-than-life (both literally and figuratively).  I will miss him.

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